- Vincent van gogh -

" For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream."

I can't lie, my beautiful and deeply thought out biography is on the home page but if you're here, you want to know the details about me that aren't as "profesh," so here you go.

I'm a huge nerd (complete with a giant TARDIS tattoo on my arm), I'm have a wicked sense of dark humor and a deep love for puns. I can recall an alarming amount of pop culture facts and music lyrics (karaoke night is always a blast).  I'm fiercely loyal, exceptionally blunt and empathetic to a fault, but it's probably my best quality.

I live in Dallas, Texas with my high school sweetheart, Dustin, and while my business in based in NYC, I work all over the world. I'm always planning our next trip (see #jumertravels on instagram). I'm rather spontaneous, so if you're up for an adventure, chances are I am too.