Storyteller, photographer and lover of cupcakes

I'm a left brained dreamer, who believes in stories, soul mates and love. I believe that holding the hand of someone you love can move mountains and put the stars in the sky.

My husband is my best friend and I talk to my dogs like they are humans. I drink tea like it's going out of style, and I have far too much lipstick than one woman should have. I'm addicted to all things Apple. Instagram is my favorite hobby and I love how black and brown look together, so I wear it all of the time.

My greatest passion in life is achieving my dreams (let me tell you about the time I performed in Carnegie Hall and won a Grammy for it, no I'm not lying) and telling stories. I want to use my time on this great Earth to help tell the most amazing ones I know.

I think life is pretty rad and I want to share that with you.