Julie Wilmes is an elopement photographer for those who live their lives to the fullest, love emotion, and believe in the deep power of marriage. For those who don't always follow tradition and want to forge their own path. For those who are honest, raw, vibrant and fearless. 

If that's you, let's be spontaneous together.

meet julie

While there are photographers who love the glitz and glam of a wedding day, I live for simplicity, for telling your love story with authenticity and capturing the mishaps along with the great moments, always as a documentarian; true to who you are as a couple, and to the family you are creating with one another. 

I specialize in elopements and intimate weddings in New York City, and all throughout the tri-state area, as well as in Texas, where I live with my high-school sweetheart, Dustin. You can also find me planning my next trip, reading Harry Potter (as if I've never read it before) and playing with my three dogs - all in all, we have a beautiful life and I want to share with you!

I am a fierce believer in the power of a good story; in telling the tales of beautiful elopements, intimate weddings and the story of those who are unabashedly chasing the dream of a fulfilled life. I'm a left brained dreamer who believes in holding the hand of the one you love, in painting stars in the sky together, and in setting the world on fire. 


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